Operational solutions

Upgrade your pharmacy’s efficiency.

Operational solutions

More time for what really matters: customers

Explore a range of solutions aimed at optimizing your pharmacy’s performance. From automation and cash management to safety, logistics, peripherals, and essential support, we offer a comprehensive set of tools to optimize your pharmacy’s operational efficiency.

Robotic & Automation

Automate your pharmacy with the best equipments

Provide unique customer service experiences and optimize the space of your Pharmacy, with German technology, market leader.

Cash management

Invest in security and optimize the payment process

We offer the best market solutions, allowing you to conduct your transactions securely and without cash register errors.


Essential products for your business’s day-to-day operations

From ink cartridges to thermal rolls, receive all the consumables conveniently at your pharmacy, without worries or upfront payments.

Operational support software

Given the increasingly complex and difficult-to-manage operational dynamics of both individual pharmacies and groups of pharmacies, we offer solutions aimed at standardizing and optimizing business processes, which translates into gains in terms of operational risk and operational efficiency.

Software to support business monitoring

To improve the results of any business, monitoring its critical indicators is crucial. You can count on our solutions to ensure that these indicators are monitored, allowing you to effectively control your business. With dynamic and accessible solutions, track your pharmacy’s sales, margin, and inventory, among others, which you can customize, as well as fraud prevention events.

Pharmacy group management

The management of pharmacy groups is a complex and growing challenge in the pharmaceutical sector. That’s why we’ve developed a robust and unique tool designed specifically to meet the needs of pharmacy groups, formerly known as EasyGest.

Data integration

We have interoperable platforms that, in a simple and secure way, allow the integration and retrieval of data with Sifarma and/or other pharmacy software.

Tailor-made software development

We develop solutions that are flexible, adaptable and customizable to the needs of pharmacies and capable of keeping up with the constant evolution of the pharmaceutical sector.

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