Customer experience

Create the best impact within your community

Customer Experience

Connect with your customers

Enhance your pharmacy’s outreach and customer engagement by building a recognizable identity that resonates with your community and keeps them informed of your valuable offerings.

Digital Communication

A new way to communicate inside and outside your Pharmacy

Transform your customers’ shopping experience in your Pharmacy and communicate from the first to the last moment in an impactful and innovative way.


Communicate with your patients from the first moment.

Signify the presence of your Pharmacy with our crosses. We have a varied range of solutions for you with different sizes, styles, and functionalities that easily adapt to the needs of your Pharmacy.

Category Management

We help ensure that the product categories displayed in your pharmacy are in line with your customers' real needs.

We evaluate the categories to be displayed and review your pharmacy’s entire service space in order to provide you


Reduce waiting times, increase sales, and improve the shopping experience by offering your customers the possibility of collecting their orders autonomously,efficiently and securely.

Identity design & decoration

There's only one opportunity to make a good first impression.

Boost your sales and count on us to surprise you and help you create a unique brand image, capable of impacting your customers in ways you never thought before.

Queue management

The new perspective on service.

Invest in the in-store experience with an intelligent queue management system – invite your customers to explore your space and reduce the waiting sensation in your Pharmacy.

Mystery Client

Elevate customer satisfaction and operational excellence with customer service review

Discover our Mystery Client program, a comprehensive initiative that involves undercover visits by mystery shoppers to your pharmacy, followed by detailed reports and action plans provided by our consultants.

Global communication platform

Connecting with your customers has never been this effortless.

Introducing Glintt Life’s innovative solution that facilitates the production and management of customer communication materials in a simple and distinctive manner. Transforming a legal requirement into a business opportunity.

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