Business Consulting

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Business consulting

Sustainable growth for pharmacies

Navigate the challenges of the pharmacy industry with confidence through our Business Management services, leveraging seasoned expertise to optimize your operations, financial management, and strategic planning for sustainable growth.

Continuous consulting program

Improve your Pharmacy's performance with our team of consultants.

Pharmacies face new challenges all the time that require constant adjustments in its critical management areas: Operational Efficiency, Economic and Financial Efficiency, Human Resources and Sales and Marketing.

You can count on our team of consultants to continuously improve your performance. Based on robust processes, good management practices and continuous monitoring of practices and results, we focus on eliminating waste and improving efficiency. Together, mobilized by a culture of continuous improvement, we will find the best solutions to your daily challenges!

Specialized intervention projects

Explore Your Pharmacy Business Thoroughly

The success of the pharmacy business depends on multiple factors. Identify the priority areas you want to improve and count on our specialized support to start transforming your business.

 Through our projects, with specific objectives and concrete execution schedules, we work in a wide range of business management areas: such as optimizing staff schedules and improving the customer experience, namely through Mystery Shoppers and pharmacy category management.

Operational intervention in the pharmacy – BPOs

We want to help you develop your business

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions, focused on carrying out activities and tasks that are essential to the business, allow pharmacies to direct the efforts of their teams towards direct intervention with customers.

Look at our solutions, such as: the monthly production of staff schedules, performance management monitoring and feedback or the continuous optimization of pharmacy stock.

Pharmacy 2024

Start Preparing Your Business's Future Now

Each year brings new and demanding challenges, and therefore, our business consulting team provides you with a service entirely dedicated to helping Pharmacies prepare for their future.

Category Management

Increase Sales and Profitability of Self-Service Categories in Your Pharmacy.

We introduce you to our category management service. A proposal for reorganizing your space, considering the needs of your patients and the profitability of your Pharmacy.

Stock Management

Optimize Inventory and Boost Profits for Your Pharmacy.

Discover our stock management service, designed to streamline your inventory, ensuring you have the right products at the right time while enhancing your pharmacy’s profitability.

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Client Management

Enhance Customer Relations and Boost Pharmacy Success.

Explore our client management service, which includes customer survey forms, data analysis reports, and action plans, all designed to improve your pharmacy’s customer experience and overall performance.

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Unified Group Management (Family or Acquired)

Groups are increasingly influential in the market and EasyGest is the only tool equipped with specific requirements for managing groups, whether it’s a single pharmacy or multiple pharmacies.

As a specialized solution tailored to Group Pharmacy Managers, EasyGest provides a simple, direct, effective, and integrated response to your needs, seamlessly interfacing with various management systems.

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